Gamal Albinsaid: A Young Doctor Paid in Trash

While as a medical student at Brawijaya University in Malang, East Java, Gamal Albinsaid heard the harrowing story of a young girl lying lifeless on top of a pile of garbage at the young age of 3. Her name was Khairunnisa, or Nisa, and she had succumbed to diarrhoea that led to her life being lost. Being a trashpicker, her father was not able to bring her to a hospital due to a lack of funding and thus, Nisa was only able to make do with whatever they had available for treatment. Sadly, her life was unable to be saved against the diarrhoea that many of us can find treatment for it easily – but not for her. The tragic story of Nisa created a deep impression on Gamal Albinsaid to a point where he was inspired to care and provide the less-fortunate with sufficient treatment. Now, the 27-year old from Malang, East Java is now known locally and overseas as “The Garbage Doctor”. Through the Garbage Insurance Clinic that he established, Gamal is able to provide free medical care to the less fortunate who are only required to pay using trash. His noble venture has captured the heart of the world where in 2012, Gamal was chosen as a Young Changemaker by Ashoka (a global social entrepreneurship organization). Two years later, Gamal was given the “Sustainable Living Youth Entrepreneurs” award from the British Royal Family in the start of 2014. He won first place out of 510 contestants spanning over 90 different countries. His accomplishment won him a trip to London and a face-to-face meeting with Prince Charles himself.